Open Letter to Parks and Rec

Dear Parks and Rec,

I love you, I really do. Seasons 2 & 3 of your show have some of the best episodes of sitcom history. But let’s be honest, season 4 has been struggling, and I’m here to beg you to fix one of the problems. BEN IS NOT A NERD. I don’t know where these storylines came from, but Ben Wyatt has never been nerdy. Stodgy, yes. A little socially awkward, sure, but that does not mean you can pull a Dwight Shrute and attribute any weirdly specific interest to him.

Ben is not enough of a douche to be a nerd. Exhibit 1: in this week’s episode Ben is grumpy all day because of Game of Thrones being potentially cancelled.

People hate this. People don’t hate Ben Wyatt. He’s adorably clueless, not a sweaty, fanatic nerd. Plus he showed April and Andy how to clean their home last season, when’s the last time you met a hygienic Game of Thrones fan?

Then there was the biggest betrayal of Ben’s character. He’s always wanted a Batman suit? This is insane. Ben dresses 100x better than Tom, he eats well, he decorates. He does not wear Batman suits.

I get it. It’s easy and fun to have a “nerd” character to write for, but PLEASE, return to the subtle awkward Ben from seasons 2 and 3. Insisting on calzones when everyone wants pizza–that is hilarious, realistic and adorable. Squeezing into a Batman suit is broad, confusing and not good enough for such a strong show. Please, please don’t make Ben another caricature (cough Ron and Tom) and let Adam Scott be the subtle comedic genius (and total stud) that he is.


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