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Laura Geller Spackle: Tinted Under Makeup Primer in Bronze Review

I got a sample of Laura Geller’s Spackle in my October Birchbox. I love Laura Geller blushes, but I was worried that the primer was so dark since I’m a shade or two lighter than snow white.

Even out of the tube the product looks pretty dark (image above is in natural light, no flash). Fortunately when you blend the product out its completely sheer. I don’t notice any bronzing or shimmer on my face after application. What I do notice is outstanding wear on my foundation. The product really does act as a spackle, once I put it on my foundation, blush etc does not budge.

I usually wear Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, and the Laura Geller product is far better as far as keeping my foundation on my face all day. I do like the finish on the Smashbox product a lot better, but the reason I wear a primer is to keep my makeup in place, so I think I’ll be re-purchasing the Spackle when the time comes.

Instead of bronze, I think I’ll try it in Champange as it will be better suited to my skintone.

The primer is available here at Laura Geller’s website for $25.00.



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The Hunt for the Perfect Mascara: Buxom Lash Edition

I’m on the hunt for the perfect mascara. One that lengthens without looking spidery and one that thickens without clumping. In other words, I’m trying to do the impossible. Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash mascara has been much buzzed about, so I decided to give it a chance. I was scared to try Buxom Lash, mostly because of the scary looking plastic bristle wand.

Stiff bristle brushes have never worked for me in the past, they don’t give me enough length and they clump like crazy. Buxom Lash is the exception to the rule, because this brush is amazing. The hourglass shape makes it easy to apply, and it never gets on my lids like all my other mascaras. I love that the top of the brush is domed, it makes it easy to grab the lashes at the edges of my lid.

No Mascara

With Buxom Lash

 Overall, this is a great everyday mascara. It doesn’t make my lashes a million miles long, but it holds a curl and doesn’t clump, smear, or flake, which is all you can really ask for.

PRICE: $19.00 

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Mac Nubile Paint Pot Review and Swatch

The Nubile Paint Pot was released as a part of Mac’s Posh Paradise collection. The color is a beautiful sheer peach with a moderate amount of shimmer in it. Nubile works amazing as a base, especially if you’re someone who wears pink shadows a lot. Having Nubile around has allowed me to finally get some use out of Mac’s Naked Lunch shadow, a color that doesn’t show up on my lids without a primer.

This Paint Pot is an absolute must-have, and it’s limited edition, so you should get ahold of it as soon as you can. It’s sheer enough that it can be flattering on most skin tones, and like all of Mac’s Paint Pots, doesn’t crease or smear.

A swatch of Nubile

As you can see, Nubile evens skin-tone even on the front of my hand. Even if I weren’t going to wear shadow over it I would smudge on a bit of this pot for some shimmer and brightness on lazy days.  $19.50 for a primer I’m going to use every day is a steal as far as I’m concerned. Here’s hoping Mac hears the acclaim and makes it a part of the permanent collection.


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Carly Cristman — Check Her Out

Carly Cristman is an adorable Chicago based style and beauty vlogger and blogger. She’s a real down to earth girl (if you don’t believe me check out her hilarious twitter @carlycristman) but she’s one of the most professional bloggers in the game. Her style is a little more feminine than mine, she says she loves all things sparkly, but the way she pulls some out there items off gives me inspiration to step out of my own box. Plus this is what her bedroom looks like, so how can you not want to have her advice in your life…

Below are some of my favorite videos from her amazing and hilarious YouTube channel:

See more at:

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Top 5 Fall Nail Polishes

Essie -- Very Structured

Essie — Very Structured

Every season needs a red, and I think this orangey terra-cotta color is going to be my red for fall. So creamy and gorgeous, plus your nails can match the leaves! I think this color would look great with dark denim and a crisp white button up. Very Structured is from Essie’s fall 2011 collection, inspired by shades made popular in the 30s and 40s.

OPI Espresso

OPI Espresso Your Style

Chocolate brown in a gorgeous color, but it can be really hard to pull off on nails. That’s why OPI Espresso Your Style is the perfect fall polish, it adds golden flecks, which softens the shade, and it has very plum undertones so it’s not a true stark brown. I would wear this with a taupe or khaki colored dress, to make it a little more feminine.

Butter London – All Hail McQueen

Butter London — All Hail McQueen

When I think fall, I think nude nails, but nude on its own can get a little hum-ho. Fortunately, Butter London has us covered with this spectacular dusty nude, with a pink base and sparkle. What more can you ask for?

Deborah Lippmann -- Millionaire

Deborah Lippmann — Millionaire 

This gorgeous hunter green is perfect for me, just daring enough to be out of the box and on-trend, but still conservative enough for me to feel comfortable in. Such a deep, rich shade is worth shelling out the few extra dollars that Deborah’s polish costs.

Nars - Kismet

Nars – Kismet 

This shade is really pushing my comfort zone, but I can’t help but realize how wonderful this would look against the army green I’ll be wearing this fall. Plus it’s metallic so that’s always great.


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I Love: Sunday Riley Juno Serum

Sunday Riley’s Juno Transformative Lipid Serum has been featured in Elle, W and Vanity Fair as a miracle product. The serum (which can be worn as a night treatment or under makeup) is a dry oil that hydrates, evens skintone, and promotes that healthy glow we’re all chasing. It’s a dry oil, which made me nervous, something felt weird about rubbing oil, as opposed to a creamy lotion, onto my face. The results are totally worth it though, my skin feels soft and completely moisturized, even though it’s transitioning seasons (a rate feat)! I haven’t used the product long enough to determine if it really does even skin-tone, but I would be happy even if it didn’t as it’s such a hydration miracle. Plus; let’s be real, how cool is it to use a serum that has chardonnay grape and broccoli seed in it.

There are two drawbacks to this otherwise incredible product. It smells kind of like olive oil, really a salty cooking smell to it, which isn’t the most pleasant to be rubbing all over your face. Second, the price. This serum is seriously pricey. It sells at Sunday Riley for $125 and is available at Barney’s only, for the same price. I did not shell out the big bucks for this product, a smaller size came as a sample in my October Birchbox. I won’t be re-purchasing because I’m a poor college student, but if I had extra cash to throw around, I would totally consider this serum.

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I Love: Jouer Lip Enhancer

Jouer’s essential lip-enhancer is one of my new favorite products. Jouer advertises the product as a lip plumper, it includes maxi-lip which is said to plump lips and decrease fine lines. Don’t let this scare you away, unlike other  plumpers this doesn’t make your lips feel bee-stung and swollen (remember lip venom anyone?). Plus, it really works, I noticed a huge difference in my lips size and texture after using this product for a couple weeks. Even better, is the fact that this plumper really moisturizes your lips–I’ve been using it as my go to chapstick since I got it. The icing on the cake is the gorgeous color of this thing, it’s such a subtle sheen. It gives the look of the perfect gloss, but without all the stickiness. This product is seriously a must have, it’s the perfect no-fuss purse lip product.

Since it is such a miracle product, Jouer lip enhancer is currently sold out, but should be back in stock within the next couple weeks here:

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