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Book Club: Tao of Pooh

This one was actually a required read for my religion class this semester, which is great because I don’t think I would have picked it up otherwise. I’m not the girl who’s into experimenting with spirituality or who goes on meditation kicks or anything, but the tone of this book really drew me in and endeared me to it. The book describes Taoist principles and how the animals of Hundred Acre Woods embody these principles. The best part is, it’s full of excerpts from “The House on Pooh Corner” and who doesn’t love that. It’s sometimes easy to forget how much I love AA Milne’s (as opposed to Disney’s) Pooh. His simplicity is really celebrated and I think that’s a wonderful thing to celebrate. It’s a quick read (I finished it in around 2 hours) and it gives you a lot to reflect on. I’m not ready to embrace all the Taoist principles just yet, but it did encourage me to follow “the Pooh way”  and effortlessness.


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