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Carly Cristman — Check Her Out

Carly Cristman is an adorable Chicago based style and beauty vlogger and blogger. She’s a real down to earth girl (if you don’t believe me check out her hilarious twitter @carlycristman) but she’s one of the most professional bloggers in the game. Her style is a little more feminine than mine, she says she loves all things sparkly, but the way she pulls some out there items off gives me inspiration to step out of my own box. Plus this is what her bedroom looks like, so how can you not want to have her advice in your life…

Below are some of my favorite videos from her amazing and hilarious YouTube channel:

See more at:


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Open Letter to Parks and Rec

Dear Parks and Rec,

I love you, I really do. Seasons 2 & 3 of your show have some of the best episodes of sitcom history. But let’s be honest, season 4 has been struggling, and I’m here to beg you to fix one of the problems. BEN IS NOT A NERD. I don’t know where these storylines came from, but Ben Wyatt has never been nerdy. Stodgy, yes. A little socially awkward, sure, but that does not mean you can pull a Dwight Shrute and attribute any weirdly specific interest to him.

Ben is not enough of a douche to be a nerd. Exhibit 1: in this week’s episode Ben is grumpy all day because of Game of Thrones being potentially cancelled.

People hate this. People don’t hate Ben Wyatt. He’s adorably clueless, not a sweaty, fanatic nerd. Plus he showed April and Andy how to clean their home last season, when’s the last time you met a hygienic Game of Thrones fan?

Then there was the biggest betrayal of Ben’s character. He’s always wanted a Batman suit? This is insane. Ben dresses 100x better than Tom, he eats well, he decorates. He does not wear Batman suits.

I get it. It’s easy and fun to have a “nerd” character to write for, but PLEASE, return to the subtle awkward Ben from seasons 2 and 3. Insisting on calzones when everyone wants pizza–that is hilarious, realistic and adorable. Squeezing into a Batman suit is broad, confusing and not good enough for such a strong show. Please, please don’t make Ben another caricature (cough Ron and Tom) and let Adam Scott be the subtle comedic genius (and total stud) that he is.

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Wish List: J Crew

Tippi Sweater


Majesty Pea Coat


Ruthie Shirtdress


Mini-Link Bracelet


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Prada RTW SS12

Obviously, I’m late to the game reviewing this past fashion season, but I love these collections too much not to. I’ll start this series with one of my perennial favorites; Prada. I love the whimsy and elegance this line embodies, and this season did not disappoint. Below are some of my favorite looks.

Caitlin Lomax

I love, love, love these fun sunglasses and the granny jewelry. Miucca never misses on the accessories.

Kasia Struss

I love Prada’s minimalist take on the spring’s glowy beauty trend, all the girls looked so healthy!

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Real vs. Dream OOTD

This is what I would be wearing on this crisp fall day if i had unlimited funds. The pink Marni shift dress is a thing of dreams it looks both chic and effortless. I don’t usually love Coach, but their collection of classic leather bags has me seriously considering making my first Coach purchase.

This is what I’m really wearing today. The J Crew Cafe Trouser is the perfect high waisted pant, flattering on a variety of figures, and comfortable to boot. I got mine for $59.99. I’ve been absolutely living  in sheer button ups this fall, and Forever 21 is a great place to get these trendy pieces since you don’t need them to last forever, mine was $11.50. The Laura Mercicer Full Blown Volume mascara is my new favorite. The formula is one of the driest I’ve ever used, so clumping is a total non-issue. One of the most naturally beautiful mascaras I’ve ever used.

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Fall Sweaters

Fall Sweaters

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Louis Vuitton SS2012

Josephine Skriver

I’m in love with the makeup at Louis Vuitton this spring. The bright inner corner, nude eye and huge smokey lashes looks great with the glowing complexion on all these girls. Seeing how great all their faces look mega-highlighted makes me want to run out and get Benefit’s new champagne colored  highlighter Watt’s Up.

Liu Wen

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