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Carly Cristman — Check Her Out

Carly Cristman is an adorable Chicago based style and beauty vlogger and blogger. She’s a real down to earth girl (if you don’t believe me check out her hilarious twitter @carlycristman) but she’s one of the most professional bloggers in the game. Her style is a little more feminine than mine, she says she loves all things sparkly, but the way she pulls some out there items off gives me inspiration to step out of my own box. Plus this is what her bedroom looks like, so how can you not want to have her advice in your life…

Below are some of my favorite videos from her amazing and hilarious YouTube channel:

See more at:


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Wish List: J Crew

Tippi Sweater


Majesty Pea Coat


Ruthie Shirtdress


Mini-Link Bracelet


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I Love: Sunday Riley Juno Serum

Sunday Riley’s Juno Transformative Lipid Serum has been featured in Elle, W and Vanity Fair as a miracle product. The serum (which can be worn as a night treatment or under makeup) is a dry oil that hydrates, evens skintone, and promotes that healthy glow we’re all chasing. It’s a dry oil, which made me nervous, something felt weird about rubbing oil, as opposed to a creamy lotion, onto my face. The results are totally worth it though, my skin feels soft and completely moisturized, even though it’s transitioning seasons (a rate feat)! I haven’t used the product long enough to determine if it really does even skin-tone, but I would be happy even if it didn’t as it’s such a hydration miracle. Plus; let’s be real, how cool is it to use a serum that has chardonnay grape and broccoli seed in it.

There are two drawbacks to this otherwise incredible product. It smells kind of like olive oil, really a salty cooking smell to it, which isn’t the most pleasant to be rubbing all over your face. Second, the price. This serum is seriously pricey. It sells at Sunday Riley for $125 and is available at Barney’s only, for the same price. I did not shell out the big bucks for this product, a smaller size came as a sample in my October Birchbox. I won’t be re-purchasing because I’m a poor college student, but if I had extra cash to throw around, I would totally consider this serum.

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I Love: Kris Atomic

Kris Atomic is an incredibly talented illustrator and author of an incredibly addicting blog.  Her style is so adorably simple that it constantly deceives me into thinking I can draw something close to her style.

Many of her illustrations focus on fashion and stylizing looks from the runway. The above illustration is a feature from Vogue Korea and pairs the seasons “it” bags with looks from the runway.

This Miu-Miu inspired illustration is one of my all time favorites from Kris. I wish she would offer it as a print.  If you’re interested in purchasing some of Kris’s work she has an adorable selection of  originals and prints here.

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