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Wish List: J Crew

Tippi Sweater


Majesty Pea Coat


Ruthie Shirtdress


Mini-Link Bracelet



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TV To Do List

Breaking Bad 

Since this series was added to Netflix, I have no excuse anymore. I have almost a full year to catch up before the first episode of the final season. I’ve resisted this show because I’ve been in a happy-go-lucky comedy mood, but I’m tired of not being in on the action with this!

The Wonder Years

I’ve been waiting for The Wonder Years to be added to Netflix since the news broke that is was coming last spring. I can’t wait to watch this whole series. Anything that comes out of the Savage family is good with me!

Degrassi: The Next Generation

I LOVE Degrassi, and I can’t wait to rewatch the first 10 seasons of Degrassi TNG (I bought them all on DVD of course) and to finally catch up with what’s happening in the current season that I’ve missed. Hey I’m allowed something light–I’m trying to get through Breaking Bad!

Friday Night Lights

I’m already 4 and 1/2 seasons into this series and I 100% love it. I’ll save my thoughts on it for a series wrap up and just say: MARRY ME MATT SARACEN

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Top 5 Fall Nail Polishes

Essie -- Very Structured

Essie — Very Structured

Every season needs a red, and I think this orangey terra-cotta color is going to be my red for fall. So creamy and gorgeous, plus your nails can match the leaves! I think this color would look great with dark denim and a crisp white button up. Very Structured is from Essie’s fall 2011 collection, inspired by shades made popular in the 30s and 40s.

OPI Espresso

OPI Espresso Your Style

Chocolate brown in a gorgeous color, but it can be really hard to pull off on nails. That’s why OPI Espresso Your Style is the perfect fall polish, it adds golden flecks, which softens the shade, and it has very plum undertones so it’s not a true stark brown. I would wear this with a taupe or khaki colored dress, to make it a little more feminine.

Butter London – All Hail McQueen

Butter London — All Hail McQueen

When I think fall, I think nude nails, but nude on its own can get a little hum-ho. Fortunately, Butter London has us covered with this spectacular dusty nude, with a pink base and sparkle. What more can you ask for?

Deborah Lippmann -- Millionaire

Deborah Lippmann — Millionaire 

This gorgeous hunter green is perfect for me, just daring enough to be out of the box and on-trend, but still conservative enough for me to feel comfortable in. Such a deep, rich shade is worth shelling out the few extra dollars that Deborah’s polish costs.

Nars - Kismet

Nars – Kismet 

This shade is really pushing my comfort zone, but I can’t help but realize how wonderful this would look against the army green I’ll be wearing this fall. Plus it’s metallic so that’s always great.


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Fall Sweaters

Fall Sweaters

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Top 5: Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie was my life for a brief period from 8th-9th grade. They were the first band I ever saw play live, and I probably cried at the concert. I hand painted not one, but two (very professional looking) fan shirts, and my best friend and I walked to Target at 8AM on the day Plans got released. Shortly after I completely stopped listening to DCFC. Maybe it was because Plans kind of sucked, or maybe I just grew up, but since I gave it up I always looked back on Death Cab as this kind of embarrassing band that represented a time in my life, but no substance or quality; like Jimmy Eat World. Then they we’re featured at prom on the OC and I spent the next 5 years denying I ever liked them. This weekend I returned to my parents house and re-discovered my Junior High journals with their lyrics scrawled all over them.  Maybe I’m just drunk on nostalgia, but I’ve been listening through their back catalog and picked a sampling of 5 DCFC songs that still totally hold up.

5. Little Fury Bugs

This song is really indicative of how well Death Cab does melancholy. It’s not as saccharin and overwrought as a lot of Gibbard’s lyrics (I’m looking at you Postal Service), but the words still get across sadness immediately. “You’ll discover that casual friends kept notes in their pockets to remember your name” and “sleeping soundly, the back of the car felt more like a home than i would ever have thought”  hit you where it counts without pulling out all the stops.

4. Crooked Teeth  

This is just a really good pop song. The structure is so traditional with the  rhythmic verse, the bridge and the infectious chorus. It’s also a summery song, which is totally out of character for Death Cab and appreciated by me. It suffers from a painful ending section with Gibbard trying to go all Simon and Garfunkel but I really felt like some of their newer catalog needed to be represented and this is as good as it gets.

3. Champagne From A Paper Cup 

Mostly this song is good because Gibbard embraces his nasal voice and doesn’t try to croon. Really though, DCFC’s greatest strength is their ability to create a distinct time and place with their lyrics and this song does  a great job with that. Simple drum work never hurts if you’re trying to get in my favor.

2. We Looked Like Giants

Again, the lyrics really do it here, just specific enough for every person to feel it was written just for them. This is certainly my most listened to Death Cab song, and one of their most exciting and sexy (a quality rarely found in indie rock).

1. Title and Registration

Transatlanticism, despite being totally uneven, does have the best DCFC song ever. Again, the simple drumming gets me, but the seamless transition in mood and tone from the verses to chorus is what makes this song a real stand out in my eyes. This is the song I still have running through my head every few weeks.

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