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SNL: Anna Faris

Last night Anna Faris hosted SNL for the second time, below is a rundown of the sketches and some of my brief thoughts on the episode.

Cold Open–Mayor Bloomberg addresses the Occupy Wallstreet Protests

What a bad way to start a show that starts at 10:30 pm. A single camera, single actor, zero laugh political monologue. I AM TRYING TO STAY AWAKE HERE GUYS.

Monologue — Anna Faris vs. Anna Faris

Not a good night for Anna Faris. First her hairdresser totally fucks her and makes her hair look more artificial than her impersonator who is actually wearing a wig, then she has to struggle through a jokeless monologue never acknowledging her flopped and critically panned movie “What’s Your Number”. I think we all want to like Anna Faris, she’s good in Happy Face, and she’s married to Chris Pratt, so she must be cool. She just SEEMS like she should be funny, she’s fearless, and takes more risks than a lot of actresses would. Unfortunately, she was not funny here, her movies aren’t funny and she had an arc on Entourage, so she’s making it hard to stay on her team.

Manuel Ortiz Show

One of those sketches that’s supposed to be funny because it repeats the same ridiculousness over and over (the dancing between each segment) but it’s just not. Flop.

Lifetime Game Show “What’s Wrong With Tonya”

So much potential, there were some really funny moments; like Hader’s intro for one of the housewives “we understand your husband has a locked drawer”.  Ultimately though, this went nowhere and was super muddled and just didn’t seem like it had a clear direction.

Digital Short — Interviews with Drake

I don’t have much to say about this, it executed a dumb idea about as well as you could have, and Drake never hurts.

Another GOP Debate

They need to use Kenan Thompson more because his Herman Cain was the only interesting thing about this sketch.

Weekend Update

Finally, you guys! The best part of the show. We got secondhand news! That’s always the best, “the protesters at Walgreens want everything 99% off”. Then a Drake rap about stealing candy nearly ruined by the worst cast member in years Jay Pharoh .

Plus, Seth Meyers is great. He does snark in a way that doesn’t make me want to smack him like I do every time I have to listen to Jon Stewart talk.

J Pop American Fun Time

White kids who think they’re Japanese are posers on a community access show. I fell asleep during this sketch. Bring back Melissa McCarthy. This season has not been strong, you guys.



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Open Letter to Parks and Rec

Dear Parks and Rec,

I love you, I really do. Seasons 2 & 3 of your show have some of the best episodes of sitcom history. But let’s be honest, season 4 has been struggling, and I’m here to beg you to fix one of the problems. BEN IS NOT A NERD. I don’t know where these storylines came from, but Ben Wyatt has never been nerdy. Stodgy, yes. A little socially awkward, sure, but that does not mean you can pull a Dwight Shrute and attribute any weirdly specific interest to him.

Ben is not enough of a douche to be a nerd. Exhibit 1: in this week’s episode Ben is grumpy all day because of Game of Thrones being potentially cancelled.

People hate this. People don’t hate Ben Wyatt. He’s adorably clueless, not a sweaty, fanatic nerd. Plus he showed April and Andy how to clean their home last season, when’s the last time you met a hygienic Game of Thrones fan?

Then there was the biggest betrayal of Ben’s character. He’s always wanted a Batman suit? This is insane. Ben dresses 100x better than Tom, he eats well, he decorates. He does not wear Batman suits.

I get it. It’s easy and fun to have a “nerd” character to write for, but PLEASE, return to the subtle awkward Ben from seasons 2 and 3. Insisting on calzones when everyone wants pizza–that is hilarious, realistic and adorable. Squeezing into a Batman suit is broad, confusing and not good enough for such a strong show. Please, please don’t make Ben another caricature (cough Ron and Tom) and let Adam Scott be the subtle comedic genius (and total stud) that he is.

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TV To Do List

Breaking Bad 

Since this series was added to Netflix, I have no excuse anymore. I have almost a full year to catch up before the first episode of the final season. I’ve resisted this show because I’ve been in a happy-go-lucky comedy mood, but I’m tired of not being in on the action with this!

The Wonder Years

I’ve been waiting for The Wonder Years to be added to Netflix since the news broke that is was coming last spring. I can’t wait to watch this whole series. Anything that comes out of the Savage family is good with me!

Degrassi: The Next Generation

I LOVE Degrassi, and I can’t wait to rewatch the first 10 seasons of Degrassi TNG (I bought them all on DVD of course) and to finally catch up with what’s happening in the current season that I’ve missed. Hey I’m allowed something light–I’m trying to get through Breaking Bad!

Friday Night Lights

I’m already 4 and 1/2 seasons into this series and I 100% love it. I’ll save my thoughts on it for a series wrap up and just say: MARRY ME MATT SARACEN

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Brody Jenner and Watching Paint Dry

Today it’s cold out, and I have 4 hours to kill at the end of a stressful week of 4 interviews. I decided to use my time to snuggle into bed and watch season 3 of The Hills. The show hasn’t aged well, and it’s only been a few years since this season aired. It’s hard to believe that these people were the talk of the town when nothing ever happens on this show. Seriously, people talk about how Mad Men is understated and slow-moving, but it’s got nothing on the Hills. In the first episode Audrina’s kind-of boyfriend Justin burping during dinner was the point of highest tension. In the next episode, Heidi asserts her independence by painting the walls in her apartment. As I type this, Brody Jenner and Lauren are having a heated argument because Lauren laughed at Brody’s cast. Incredible drama.

Brody Jenner making monotony must-see TV on two networks

This show is the clear pre-cursor to the new “nothing happens” must see show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. The clear culprit here is BRODY JENNER, who appears on both “The Hills” and occasionally “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” as he is Bruce Jenner’s son. Apparently though, nothingness is all Jenner is good at, because his reality show “Bromance” where stuff actually happened and there was structure was the worst and failed miserably.

I do love how all the “drama” occasionally derived on the Hills comes from exaggerated reaction shots clearly cut and pasted from other times.



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Bravo’s Work of Art: Season 2 Episode 1

Bravo’s fine-art competition show “Work of Art” has been controversial since its premiere last year. Can real art be created within the parameter of a 6 hour challenge on a reality show? Can art be judged objectively and ranked accordingly? Whether you feel a reality show is an appropriate venue to evaluate art or not, it can’t be denied that this show is damn entertaining. Like Project Runway and Top Chef, Bravo reality does a good job of letting the viewer in on a fascinating creative process. The show casts 14 artists with diverse artistic backgrounds and even more diverse personalities. The breakout star this season seems to be a Lord-of-the-Rings obsessed mohawked man named The Sucklord.

This week the contestants had to transform a piece of “bad thriftstore art” into something beautiful and inspiring. These type of challenges are my favorite because they give the artists room to do something they’re proficient at. Below are some of the most interesting results of the challenge.

This piece was by artist Ugo, and actually got him eliminated. I love the line-work going on here, but the judges found it derivative of Keith Haring.

This is the winning piece. I wish Bravo had posted a close-up image of the paper skeleton because it is so beautiful. Its delicacy is really beautiful, unfortunately the pillar and the cloud canvas only detract from its elegance.

Work of Art airs at 9/8:00 central Wednesdays on Bravo

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Tim Riggins is on The Real World

L to R: Tim Riggins, Zach, Thor

You Guys. We need to stop calling Zach from the latest season of The Real World Thor, when there is a far more accurate doppelganger both looks and personality wise. Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights. They are identical, they even have the same sexy slow drawl. Plus, this week Zach said that being disowned by one’s family is “not something a man should cry about”. THAT IS CLASSIC TIM RIGGINS. The world needs to stop calling him Thor, because they do not even look alike.

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